George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, who bring us the dramedy 'Eli Stone', have given George Michael a prominent role in the first season of this series. They named each episode after a song of George Michael and also George himself appears in the first season of this American show! He makes 4 appearances - he is brought in episode 1, 7 and 13 where he appears as a vision and in episode 9 George apppears as his flesh and blood self, wanting Eli to represent him in a legal case.

Why George Michael? Read the anwer from Co-Creator Marc Guggenheim!

"We wanted Eli's first 'vision' to be a song from his formative years by someone who's been out of the spotlight for a while yet instantly recognizable. George not only fit this criteria, but was perfect because the themes of his music perfectly fit all the themes of the series, they really capture the message of the show"

George Michael's work is also being used very frequently in the first season of 'Eli Stone' - we hear snippets of; 'Faith' in episode 01, 'This Is Not Real Love' in episode 03, 'Heal The Pain' in episode 04, 'Kissing A Fool' in episode 06, 'Older' in episode 07, 'Waiting For That Day' in episode 08, 'Amazing' in episode 09, 'Star People' in episode 10, 'Father Figure' in episode 10 and 'You Have Been Loved' in episode 12.

Entertainment Weekly has a short Q&A with George: George Michael Has Faith in 'Eli Stone'. There are short interviews with George on 'Eli Stone' with ABC, Access Hollywood and Extra in the video section right beside.

'Watch Without Prejudice' is a review of George's appearance in episode 9 of the first season of 'Eli Stone'.

Actor Victor Garber reveals in an interview: "You know, I was so in awe of George Michael. I could not believe that they got him. When we read the pilot, I thought, "Oh, nice try, but you'll never get him." You know, it's like, this will never happen. And then, cut to, I'm acting with George Michael. It was fantastic. He was so willing and nervous and sweet. He didn't realize, you know, you have to sort of like stand in one spot? Like on my close-up, he'd be covering the camera. But he was so sweet. It was a great thrill to work with him."

On September 2nd 2008, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released the first season of ABC's series, 'Eli Stone', on DVD. This 4-disc DVD Box Set, 'Eli Stone: The Complete First Season', contains bonus material about George's experiences on the set of 'Eli Stone'.

Europe saw the same DVD release in 2009.

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George in Episode 1

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George in Episode 9

George in Episode 9

George in Episode 9

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