George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
George Michael will re-release 'December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)' on 13 December 2010. This reissued version 'December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) 2010' features the four tracks:

1) December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)
2) Jingle (A Musical Interlewd)
3) Edith & The King Pin (Live at Abbey Road)
4) Praying For Time (Live at Abbey Road)

It comes with a brand new cover artwork, plus the newly re-illustrated 2010 video which can be unlocked and viewed via the digital insert on the CD format.

'December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) 2010' will be available in both Standard and Deluxe (Christmas Card Version) formats.

'December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) 2010', plus the re-animated video will also be available for purchase digitally on 12 December 2010.