George Michael - Singer/Songwriter

With the announcement of George Michael's tour comes a new way for George Michael fans to have first chance at securing tickets to these highly anticipated concert events:'s exclusive 'Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour Invite Ticketing' programme.

Participating in the 'Invite Ticketing' programme is easy. All you need to do is visit the Tickets page and the system will guide you through the process via five steps.

This is how it works. To take advantage, simply create a free login and choose the cities you are interested in attending. Then, for guaranteed access to the presales for your selected cities, purchase an Æccess Membership. While this membership doesn’t guarantee tickets, it does mean that you will have the opportunity to participate in presales. If you choose not to become an Æccess Member, you will be entered into a random draw along with other members for the chance to be invited to purchase tickets.