George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
At the end of this month America will see a new 'primetime' tv drama called Eli Stone premiering, which George Michael plays a prominent part in. George will appear on the show several times and each episode will be named after a song of his.

Eli Stone is a legal drama, centered on a lawyer who begins to think he might be a prophet. He has visions of George Michael.

Eli Stone is created by Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters, Everwood) and Marc Guggenheim (Law & Order), with cast members such as Jonny Lee Miller, Victor Garber, Natasha Henstridge en Loretta Devine.

The serie premiers in America on Januari 31, 2008 on ABC.

Last year George already made guest appearances on the award winning English tv shows, Ricky Gervais' Extras and The Catherine Tate Show. And prior to that he got to show off in Little Britain.