George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
The reissue of the late George Michael's iconic album 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1/MTV Unplugged' is out! In celebration of the album's reissue Sony Music invited the biggest George Michael fans in Europe, for a unique experience. Together the fans were challenged to remake the 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1' album cover, after twenty-seven years.

The legendary cover of the original album is a detail of a black-and-white photo from 1940 by photographer Weegee. The photo shows a crowd of people on Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York). For the new cover George Michael fans came from as far as Italy, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain to The Netherlands to make a similar photo. Apart from their love for George Michael's music the fans share a lot of memories of the concerts they attended together. The new cover is symbolic for the unique power of George Michael's music: it brings people together.