George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
The stage design of George Michael’s 25Live tour, is centered around a ‘ski slope’ LED video screen which flows onto the stage and beyond. So who paid a visit to one of George Michael’s concerts was not only treated to a fantastic performance by George himself, but could also behold this magnificent and with care designed award winning stage element. This stage element has come about as a result of a concept by show and light designer Willie Williams and was devised and developed by Belgian company XL Video in conjunction with, among others, Barco.

XL Video has worked with specialists of Barco, a company that provides LED modules for the 25Live tour, designing and engineering the video screen of which the concept came from Willie Williams.

This unique screen is made up from over 3000 ' MiStrip ' LED modules, a quantity which is necessary to obtain such high resolution, needed for a spectacular visual impact when playing videos and graphical effects.

The MiStrip is a linear LED screen element, a strip of pixels, that can be combined in any shape and quantity to make up any size and form of LED screens. With 25Live the elements have been combined as such that they form a screen that flows down onto the stage and beyond via concave and convex curves, which creates a stunning visual element. Also the screen is so strong that George can simply stand and even dance on it.

Another stage element in the 25Live stage setting is the three-tier platform on either side of the video screen. It accommodates the musicians.

In 2007, on the 2nd leg of the tour, George Michael plays huge stadiums and so the stage needs to be adjusted. The stage becomes better and bigger, also a runway is created. Next to that, the show has been enhanced visually - George updated video imagery and lighting - the audience gets to see stunning new graphics on the video wall and screens.

In 2008, on the third leg of the tour, the arena sized stage setting (George plays arenas in North America) occasionally includes a catwalk, extending from the main stage to the middle of the arena, leading to a small stage. Also new graphics and video animation have been created for this leg.

Earls Court is embellished with a light and lasershow, a special touch to 'The Final Two' concerts in the UK.

Designer Willie Williams (video staging design/direction), had been initially approached to oversee the whole design of the 25Live show, but due to his intensive involvement with U2’s tour, Willie restricted himself to the overall design concept and video content creation. He left lighting and set details to other people.
More about the co-operation between George and Willie, Willie’s work, and an equipment and crew/designers list, is to be read here.

Belgian XL Video was formed in the year 1996 and has quickly established itself as the international market leader in the field of video production for trade shows, outdoor events, indoor events, concert touring and television shows. This international organisation is the worlds leading rental supplier of video display systems with indoor and outdoor LED screens as well as having one of the largest fleets of high-brightness projectors and camera systems.

 The Digital Antics' 25 Live video controller
The Digital Antics' 25 Live video controller

 XL Video hardware running Digital Antics software
XL Video hardware running Digital Antics software

 Production Rehearsals
Production Rehearsals


XL Video
Willie Williams
Digital Antics

Sennheiser and Neumann microphone
Productionprofile with pictures by Professional Digital Console - Thanks to Olivier from France!
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