George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
George Michael became the first artist to perform at the new Wembley Stadium when he played two shows at the venue on June 9, 2007 and June 10, 2007.
The iconic "old" Wembley sports stadium, first known as the British Empire Exhibition Stadium or simply Empire Stadium, was first opened to the public on 28 April 1923. The stadium closed in October 2000. In 2003, the original structure was demolished and construction began on the new stadium, originally intended to open in 2006. This was later delayed until early 2007. The final completion date of the stadium came on 9 March 2007, when the keys to the stadium were handed over to the FA.

Photos by Jason Fraser.

With 90,000 seats the stadium has the second largest capacity in Europe and the largest in the world with every seat under cover. Immediately following its opening, it was often referred to as the "new Wembley Stadium" to distinguish it from the original stadium. The stadium is also the most expensive stadium ever built. On June 9, 2007, George Michael wrote history, becoming at that day the first pop artist to play a concert at the new Wembley Stadium. (source: Wiki)

Photos by Jason Fraser.

"To reopen the stadium," said Jim Frayling, head of music and new events at venue operator Wembley National Stadium, "we were keen to work with an act who was emotionally close to it. George Michael has a special history and affinity with the stadium." And so the first concert performance at the New Wembley Stadium was by George on June 9, 2007. Channel 4 broadcasted parts of the historical concert on national tv, also they filmed George in the weeks before this concert.

You can watch 'The Road To Wembley' here.

Watch George re-opening the historic Wembley Stadium.

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