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Last year, Eli Stone's executive producer Greg Berlanti as well as George Michael himself had said George may come back to do one episode in the second season of 'Eli Stone'. Unfortunately, having seen the whole second season, we can say now that this didn't happen. George doesn't appear on the show anymore.

In November 2008, ABC had opted not to order any new episodes, signaling that the series would be cancelled once all the second season episodes were used up. But four episodes remained unaired since December 2008. However, these final four episodes of the series will now air Saturdays at 10:00 PM on ABC starting Saturday, June 20, 2009. In one of those four episodes George is mentioned, and in another episode we see Eli dance to George Michael's 'Faith'. But that is it for the fans. Recaps (be aware: Spoilers!) of the first and second season can be found on this site under the 'Eli' topic.

Fans who would like to see George again in the first season can check out the 4-disc DVD Box Set, which is now available through the United States as well as Europe.
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