George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
The registration of the Earls Court concert is expected to be released during the course of next year according to David Austin. The Irish radio spoke to the co-writer of 'December Song' and George Michael's best friend in connection with the release of their new Christmas single 'December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)' - to be downloaded for free on December 25 and 26 via the official George Michael website. In the interview David said that the two hour concert registration is going to go to cinemas in the spring, and will be released on DVD during the course of 2009.

Channel 4 (UK) is showing some spot videos from the Earls Court show on tv over Christmas. You can find these videos on youtube.

Listen here to the complete 2FM interview with David Austin, in which he talks about writing 'December Song' and working with George and also reveals some of George Michael's future plans.