George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
George Michael has played his last arena shows in London, he told his fans it was good to be home.

"I honestly thought it was going to be a three-month tour and here we are two years later. You are going to be the recipients of 103 shows' experience," said George at his first Earls Court show.

His Earls Court concerts were billed as 'The Final Two' - a nod to Wham!’s 'The Final' at Wembley Stadium. George has said he wants a "quieter life". At the second show he said though: “It’s been an amazing, amazing, amazing ride but there have been so many moments when the compromises have seemed too huge and I just felt...I've spent the last two years working out that every single f****** bit of aggro is worth it - for this. So thank you for that, I really do.”