George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
'Heal The Pain" is George Michael's new United States single. The song taken from the album, 'TwentyFive', is a duet with the legendary Paul McCartney.

George Michael wrote 'Heal The Pain' in June 1990 and the original track appears on the album 'Listen Without Prejudice' with vocals and acoustic guitar solos by George Michael, percussion by Danny Cummings, guitars by Phil Palmer and bass by Deon Estus. Heal The Pain was also released as a single in February 1991.

In 2005, it was announced that George would be recording a version of the track with Paul McCartney, whose style the song was written in. George Michael appeared on BBC Radio 2 on December 5th 2005, and announced that he had recorded the song with McCartney "last week". The track was later added to the greatest hits collection 'TwentyFive'.