George Michael - Singer/Songwriter
The Los Angeles Times has a nice new interview with George Michael on their site. One interesting part is probably the part in which it says that George said "I was most successful when I was the loneliest", and then next about his relationship with Kenny Goss, "Through rows and misunderstandings and pain, we have actually reached a fantastic place. So, recently, I've had to write about other people's lives when I want to hit that lonely mood. I have to refer to other people's pain."

That George's work has changed artistically since he is in a good place hasn't gone unnoticed. Question is then, can you tap into someone else's pain and bring the same intensity into your work and make it as transformative for people as when you are experiencing the pain yourself? An interesting challenge rather than a burden we would say for George Michael to take his good mood and make heartfelt artistic pieces of work.

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L.A. Times

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